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About Us

Committed to Excellence

Established in 1996, ABCnet is one of the most established Internet Service Providers in the UK (ISP). The company focuses on providing high quality, friendly support and a fast reliable service an approach that is endorsed by the fact that two thirds of new users come on the recommendation of existing members.

We have wealth of experience and relationships with many types of customer, ranging from Corporate, through to Small Medium Enterprises to End users. Our existing customer base includes: Engineering, Automotive, Retail, Manufacturers, Security, Leisure, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Recruitment, Industrial, Architectural, Trade Organisation, and I.T.

We offer a complete range of services, enabling our customers to choose the right one to suit their needs. These include hosting, connectivity, design and development services; our principal strength lies in our technical skills.

Why ABCnet ?
• we are privately owned and independent of any stock exchange.
• wet will not sell you something at a loss, just to get your business.
• we will not sell you something you don’t need, just to make a sale.
• we have no debt and are run at a profit.
• we have grown at a relatively constant rate *every* year since 1996.
• our technical support is second to none.
• we maintain the lowest of contention ratios on UK and Transit peering.

We offer a free consultation in order to review and discuss your company’s goals, ideas, mission, and vision.

ABCnet provides corporate Internet services such as, web hosting, server co-location, ADSL, Lease Line, Domain Name Registration, and various email services. The company’s corporate clients include well-known names in the industry.

If you have an Internet or web related project that requires more technical skill than you have available in-house, if you want some advice on strategy and tactics in the fast-changing world of the Internet, or if you have an interesting idea that you want to discuss, then contact ABCnet for expert advice and assistance.

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