Business Broadband

We provide a wide range of Internet connectivity options, from ADSL to Ethernet Leased Lines with diverse termination points for resiliency and inter-connects to host of carries such as BT, TalkTalk, Virgin to name a few.

Fast ADSL Broadband

Up to 17Mbp/s £24 per month

Browse the web, email your customers and post to social media with no restrictions, with a flexible 1-month contract.

Super Fast FTTC

Up to 80Mbp/s £30 per month

For businesses with multiple employees needing unlimited use for comms, browsing or regular file backups.

£45 activation charge.

Minimum Term 12 months contract

Untra Fast FTTP &

Up to 330 Mbp/s £90 per month connectivity for businesses with high dependency on internet connection for application use, file storage / sharing, browsing, ecommerce and VoIP.

£50 activation charge.

Miniimum Term 12 Months Contract


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