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Domain Name Registration, Transfers and DNS Services

Every domain extension you will ever need...and more.

Our vast selection of domain names include generic, specialty and country-code extensions, hundreds of new TLDs, and over 17 million premium domains.

Building Your Web Presence

ABCnet can register and run DNS services for all .com, .org, .net and .uk domain names – as well as registering other domain names from international registries and many of the latest top-level domains.  We offer fully managed DNS services to take all the technical burden away from you, or you can choose to manage your own domain through our control panel.  Unlike some other domain providers, we register domain names with you as the registrant, so that you can choose how your domain name is used now and in the future.

We normally register domains for two years but can also register them up to a maximum of 10 yrs on request. We do not charge for cancellations, change of registrations or transfers.  

Please note we will  e-mail or contact you before your domain name is due to expire. You will receive an email to notify you once your domain name registration is complete. Registrations can usually be processed instantly.


Existing Customers

domain name renewals/expiry

These instructions will help you renew or cancel your domain as well as set it to expire.

How do I renew my domain name with ABCnet


ABCnet will send you a renewal reminder to the registered email address on your account 30 days prior to your domain names expiry date.  Any domain names that are not renewed by the date(s) specified in your reminder will be deleted from our database and the registrant will be solely responsible for managing the domain name. Please allow up to 3 business days for the renewal order to complete. If no renewal order is received by that date, the domain name is automatically moved to  the root registry domains. At that point, the registrant becomes solely responsible for the name. 

I do not want to renew my domain name – I want it to expire

You must put in writing your notice to cancel at least 90 days prior to the expiry date of your domain name with the registry.

I want to cancel my domain

A domain can be cancelled at any time but only by the domain holder themselves, who must notify us by email.

Domain Registration Terms

Expert Guidance

ABCnet provides a managed domain transfer service to ensure that any downtime in moving domains or DNS to ABCnet is minimised. This is also designed to minimise the amount of work involved in moving to ABCnet.Please note that the hosting company (registrar) which holds the IPS Tag for a domain determines the procedure which needs to be followed for the domain transfer. The registrar also determines how long the transfer will take – but our domain transfer team will keep you up to date at all times.

Need more help?

Telphone 0207 099 5120


Zimbra+ Email Security

The Zimbra Collaboration is more then just hosted email, it provides a rich set of email, calendar, contacts, IM, and documents, with full cross-platform support. Native integration on Windows, Macs, and Linux desktops means that Zimbra hosting already fits your existing set-up. Check out the some of key features below.

Highlight of some Key Features

- Storage allowance starts from 1G
- Trash Recovery - user initiated restore of items after the trash has been emptied (7 days history).
- Data sync onto two separate storage systems for increased data security
- Daily account-level backups for disaster recovery
- 100% Email Delivery Guarantee
- 2 x Tier 3+ UK data centre
- Industrial grade infrastructure
- Zimbra's built-in Antivirus/SPAM protection

You can access emails from anywhere using your choice of email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or Zimbra's own desktop client, Web Portal, Mobile phone, or tablet computer.

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