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Managed Email Security

Powerful yet simple to deploy spam and virus scanning for your in-house mail system.

Zimbra Email & Collaboration
Your email, contacts, calendar and tasks. All in one place.

Anti Virus, Anti Spam, Anti Phishing and Anti Spoofing, Reduce Risk, Increase Productivity - Insurance For Your Email Server

The Zimbra Collaboration is more then just hosted email, it provides a rich set of email, calendar, contacts, IM, and documents, with full cross-platform support. Native integration on Windows, Macs, and Linux desktops means that Zimbra hosting already fits your existing set-up. Check out the some of key features below.

Viruses, Spam and Phishing – Be Gone

It’s 2020 and you’re busier than ever. Dealing with spam, viruses and dodging phishing attempts just eats into your day and kills productivity.

We make sure that you receive only the emails you want so you can get back to doing what you do best - running your business.

Super-Effective Spam Removal

With an amazing 99% effectiveness rate, you won't be wasting time looking for incorrectly-blocked messages and your inbox will be a lot less cluttered too.

How do we do it? We harness the collective intelligence of over 1 billion spam-reporting sources all working in real time so that new threats or spam emails are very quickly identified and trapped. We also combine many other layers of protection and techniques to block unwanted emails.

FailSafe Email Continuity and Disaster Mitigation

In the event your server goes offline, we'll store up to 30 days of incoming emails which will be redelivered to your server once it comes back online.

Whilst you're fixing your server, your users can send and receive emails using the FailSafe webmail system - email your users send and receive will be repatriated back to your in-house server once it is back online.

Features To Keep Your IT Team Happy

Simple set-up in minutes – no expensive hardware or software required. 1 click addition of 'alias domains'.

Support for sending outgoing emails.

Message log viewer, graphical stats, quarantine digest emails, easy to understand but comprehensive system config. Delegated admin access.

Data Security and UK Soverignty

We go to great lengths to protect your data and to ensure that our email equipment is hosted only within the United Kingdom - Tier III UK data centres in London and Manchester.

100% Message Delivery SLA Guarantee

We’re not ‘all talk’. We stand by what we say which is why we offer an unprecedented 100% message delivery SLA. All backed up with our industrial-grade email platform and knowledge gained from 14+ years of experience filtering emails.

Fair Pricing Policy

You only pay for real users - alias domains, aliases and distribution lists are all free of charge and there are no complicated agreements or long term lock-in.

Now from £3.99 per month

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