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Fibre / Ethernet Leased Lines

For businesses that need ultra-fast and reliable internet access at all times. Delivering the ultimate connectivity experience, our leased lines provide a dedicated connection designed to offer a consistent and reliable service.

Fibre Ethernet

Premium leased Line for Business Grade connectivity

Dedicated fibre connections for the fastest possible speeds and reliability Internet access for large file transfer, video, voice or business-critical applications. Up  to 10 Gbps

Using different wholesale carrier networks to provide local connectivity to your site, we are able to select a circuit to provide the most competitive price, the shortest lead time, or network redundancy level required.

The wholesale suppliers we use include BT Openreach, Virgin Media Business, Colt Talk Talk Business and Sky.

  • 100Mbps now from £250 per month

  • 1Gbps now from £525 per month

Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM)

Cost effective Ethernet with resilience and quick delivery.

Dedicated connection using copper pairs where fibre infrastructure isn’t available

Up to 35 Mbps

Uncontended, symmetrical bandwidth options from 1Mbps - 35Mbps

  • Now from £169 per month

GEA (Generic Ethernet Access)

Business class connectivity delivered within 20 days

GEA service utilises existing broadband and Ethernet network infrastructures to provide a cost effective yet reliable and fully guaranteed Ethernet based solution.

Uncontended, symmetrical bandwidth options from 2Mbps - 20Mbps

Available with uncapped downstream speeds of upto 76Mbps

  • Now from £100 per month

Ethernet over FTTx

Providing all the benefits of Full Fibre Ethernet but at more affordable capacities.

EoFTTx is available in two variants; Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet (EoFTTC) and Ethernet over Fibre To The Premise (EoFTTP) and is well suited to growing businesses looking to benefit from the features of Ethernet connectivity but at lower bandwidths and a lower price point to better suit their business model. Where available EoFTTP will always be provided as standard. Where it is not, EoFTTC will be offered in its place.

The service is available in capacities ranging from 80/20Mbps using a mixture of copper and fibre (EoFTTC) to 1000/220Mbps using full fibre (EoFTTP) and is available across the nation from more than 1,100 exchanges. Where we can’t use our own network, we will rely on the network of our third-party suppliers, Openreach and TalkTalk Business to help get you connected.

Benefits of EoFTTx

  1. Access from over 1,100 exchanges

  2. No need for a separate phone line saving you time and money

  3. Standard SLAs of just seven hours

  4. Scalable and flexible, with the ability to transfer services to EoFTTP when available in your area

  5. Available in a range of capacities to suit any business type

  6. Delivered over 50% faster than standard Ethernet services

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